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WINK-Clin d'oeil

WINK-Clin d’oeil

« Clin d’œil/Wink » Acrylics on recycled wood D 25″.

Inspired by living in a French city by the sea, by Hokusai, my love of working in the round and, the inevitable look from people who only judge by what they see…

As an artist living in a condo and without a studio, I have to be super creative in terms of size, style and materials I use.Inevitably I cannot create what my immediate consciousness dictates me.

Still using real ✏️ 🎨brushes and paint artist. No drawing/painting/creative apps or digital help. More and more of a low techie.

So honored to have a few of my art pieces featured on Google Arts & Culture veronique ivanovic.
Take the time to comment and, to let me know which piece you like most.
Thank you @artpopstreet Gallery