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On my Urban Walks series “Paris 13 France

On my Urban Walks series Paris 13 France

If you want to understand the Parisian way of life you ought to spend time during the day and the evening in the Paris cafés!

« The cafe culture in Paris is old, very old. The first coffee house was opened in 1672 by Pasqua Rose, who maintained a monopoly until Café Procope opened later in 1686. It remains open to this day.

Parisian cafés serve as a center of social and culinary life in Paris and serve as the meeting place, neighborhood hub, conversation matrix, rendez-vous spot, and networking source, a place to relax or to refuel – the social and political pulse of the city.
Parisian cafés show the Parisian way of sitting undisturbed for a couple of hours, watching things happening and people going by. »