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LH 25

LH 25

Poetic Fog from “On my Urban walks Le Havre 25 Normandy »
« A good pspicture is born from a state of grace” and at time a lot of patience for the right timing.
I do not photoshop my work as I feel, I want authenticity in my work!
In Normandy, have shot so many fogs in a great array of subtle nuances.
The city of Le Havre is located in northern France, on the coast of the English Channel, at the mouth of the Seine, in Normandy.
The climate is oceanic, generally cool and wet, rainy and windy all year round, but especially in autumn and winter.
Evening and morning fog is often present which makes for great photos.
However, the sunny days, especially in summer are fabulous!
While water vapor is colorless, the condensed water droplets that form and allow us to see fog can highlight the colors of their surroundings, taking the rich colors in view and fading them to the background like a natural gradient.

Nikon D5000 Macro lens

Une de mes nombreuses photos documentaires et romantiques de la Centrale Thermique du Havre aujourd’hui fermée et que j’ai adorée photographier de mon jardin, pendant des années.
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