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On my Urban Walks:floats LH 1.France

On my Urban Walks:floats LH 1.France

On my Urban Walks:floats LH 2.France

On my Urban Walks:floats LH 2.France

From my series “On my Urban Walks/floats LH men at work”
So very honored to have been invited to shoot these hard working Men at Work.

Do you dream of Normandy?
Le Havre located on the right bank of the Seine estuary, old maritime tradition since the 15th century and, largest French container port.
Just imagine large ships arriving from all over the world and, crews having to work with high winds, rain, cold and, at times very low visibility.
I have nothing lesser than recognition and respect for the skills and, knowledge of laborious workers who tug large ships to safety in the harbor.
Appreciation and awe are the first two words popping into my mind!

Le Havre, activité maritime depuis le 15ème siècle et port Français le plus important en temps que nombre de containers.
Imaginez d’énormes bateaux arrivant du mode entier et avoir à les guider à l’intérieur du port et ceci par toutes sortes de temps.
Respect, hommage et admiration sont les mots pour ces travailleurs hautement spécialisés.
Nikon D5000